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The Construction Quality Professional

The role of the Quality Professional is quite different from one organisation to another but in general, it has to do with ensuring that the products and/or services delivered by the organisation are fit for purpose and meet both internal and external stakeholder requirements. These requirements primarily stem from customer expectations, legal compliance, and adherence to standards of excellence.

The Quality Professional achieves this firstly by coordinating the activities required to identify and determine the necessary quality standards; and secondly, by coordinating the activities required to ensure these standards are met. The role, therefore, typically involves a lot of communication with other managers and staff throughout an organisation to ensure that there is a proper quality management system in place and that it is functioning appropriately.

Performance monitoring and measurement, including data capture, analysis, and reporting, as well as the provision of training, tools, and techniques, are some of the key features of a quality management system. The swell in UK construction is immense, pumped up by construction companies rapidly building the infrastructure they need to take them from predominantly under-developed economies to industrial nations.

This is generating fantastic opportunities both at home and abroad for UK professionals as these nations seek to service the demand..

“I would not be comfortable if unqualified or unaccredited engineers were allowed to contribute to this hugely complex building project. Why would I let unqualified quality professionals work on that same project?”

Chris Sexton, Technical Director of Crossrail

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